Friday, December 16, 2016


Happy Friday, guys! Wow, a new post everyday for three days in a row...must be a new record! lol And what better way to celebrate this record-breaking milestone for the project?! On Friday, December 2, 2016 Little Billy was published as a featured story on Upworthy! For those who don't know, Upworthy is like a positive, uplifting version of BuzzFeed. Check out the complete story written by my good friend, Tulika Bose, about my journey into animation on The Simpsons while growing up with Tourette Syndrome and ultimately creating Little Billy! The official Press Release can be viewed here.

Just click the image above or visit (and share) the direct link here: Given Upworthy's way enormous audience, this story is the best chance Little Billy's ever had to go viral. Please share that direct link and let's keep the word spreading! The project has received 8 all-new paying backers on Patreon since the story was released. With this boost, Little Billy has now achieved 2 out of 10 project goals! Let's take it all the way to 11. Thank you guys for all your support and thank you so much for this feature, Tulika! Your writing is outstanding and I absolutely love your version of my story!

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