Monday, April 07, 2014

XTALK: A New Old Cartoon

As animation production for Little Billy continues to unfold and take shape, I am gripped with yet another amazing feeling! Let me explain. Flash back with me for a moment, won't you? Let us return to 2011. At that time, well before I launched the Little Billy Kickstarter, I had just completed a 5-minute, broadcast-ready Flash pilot for an original animated web series. The series was XTALK, a gamer-driven sitcom (created by myself and writer pal, Corey Mitchel) about three unlikely chums that have never met in person...brought together by the magic and power of XBox Live. In this debut episode entitled, Double Headshot, the boys suddenly find themselves mired deep in a parody of YouTube's Double Rainbow (if by some insane chance you haven't seen it, watch that first - the cartoon will make at least a little more sense.) ;)

After 2 years of very hard work, nearly 5,000 frames (of film), and many more individual drawings, the XTALK pilot was finally completed. Since then, however, Corey and I have been pitching the idea, so it's been necessary to keep the cartoon a secret...until now! For the first time ever, XTALK is finally online and you, my friend, can be among the very first to see it. To watch it now, just click the "Play" button above. Please also keep in mind (before showing it to the kiddies) that this project is completely separate from Little Billy, so the content and humor are a bit more adult and may not be suitable for younger viewers. XTALK is the first and only film I've ever made in color or Flash, and which aptly portrays some of my most current abilities as a professional, independent animator. =) Thank you for watching and please enjoy!

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