Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Little Billy On MommyBlogger


Little Billy, my epic 80s Nostalgia Cartoon for kids with Special Needs, was featured on The Mommy Blogger Directory this morning (Wed, Jan 9th, 2013)!! Word is getting out! =) Cross-promotion is an incredibly powerful advertising tool...especially for us independent creators. Check out this great article on how you can cross-promote and gain web-traffic with Mommy Blogger, and view their Little Billy post here:

Best Income Strategies for Mommy Bloggers

There are many mommy bloggers that blog to make money at home just writing what they know all about. They didn’t start off making lots of money but as the time went on they started to see an income. Working at home and blogging is fun and can bring in an extra income for the household. If the mom knows all about flower arranging or tips and tricks on how to clean a home that others will find useful, they will continue to want to read her blog everyday for those tips. The mommy blogger knows she has to make each blog post useful to others.

The strategy is to write what you know all about. That will make it quick and easy and the mommy blogger doesn’t have to search much for anything she doesn’t know because she’ll have all the experience in what she is blogging about. Another strategy is to look around the internet and see what might be of interest to others. The mom’s might want to write about their children and what they had for dinner or she might want to write about her child not feeling well and what she did to get the child to feel better. This is going to help other mom’s to get tips on what works and what doesn’t work.

The next thing a mommy blogger must do is continue to write everyday to keep her readers interested in her postings. She wants to keep the flow of traffic going to her webpage. Some mom’s may never make money online blogging but they continue to blog because it is fun. There are other mom’s that are making money from blogging. Try it and see if you can generate traffic to your webpage and be successful at it. (Learn Him) (Like Him) (Love Him - Donate via PayPal)