Tuesday, July 03, 2012



Amazon.com recently launched their own production studio and is now requesting pitches.  We responded!  This original, animated series was conceived many years ago by my good friend and business partner, Corey Mitchel, and in fact, is the reason we became friends.  Corey needed an artist to bring his characters to life and was introduced to me by our mutual creative comrade, the one and only, Tone Rodriguez (who got me hired on the Family Guy Trading Card series.)  Now, after working together for many years on many projects, Corey and I have finally launched our first online pitch campaign for the series that started it all!  You can watch the video, download the pitch bible and pilot script, and RATE our project, all exclusively on AmazonStudios.com.

IMPORTANT: WE NEED YOUR VOTES!  Amazon now owns a 45-day option to this series, and will pay $55,000 to the creators of any greenlit property they feel is wanted by their audience...that's YOU!!  The higher and more bountiful our ratings are, the better our chances of selling the show, so please "vote" by rating and commenting on this project, and help spread the word about California Kidds!  Thanks so much in advance for all your support, guys!!  We strongly encourage you to give your own ideas a shot by pitching, and will publicly acknowledge all parties involved in helping us get our project off the ground!!!

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