Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Little Billy TOY

Don't you just wanna squeeze the little guy's cheeks?!? Well if you and your friends help me out, you CAN! I just submitted my original character design for Little Billy as a toy concept. The design has already been approved and posted in the Patch Together forum. If it gets enough votes, it will become a LIMITED EDITION TOY, available for sale online!! You'd be doing me a huge favor by spreading the word and voting for my concept!! Just follow the above link and please feel free to tell EVERYONE!!! =) Thank you all.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Night Of The Bearman


Man, this takes me back! From "The Vault", BEARMAN is the first cartoon I ever made. Hand-drawn on paper with pencils and pens, then shot with a Supra-8 camera on a Lunchbox (remember those??), this film is the very definition of traditional animation. It has never been released to the public until now. Just goes to show you that even someone who makes stuff like THIS can break into the world of professional animation! Keep those dreams alive, kids, and NEVER GIVE UP!!