Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family Guy

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The year was 2006 and I had just completed the last of 508 original, hand-drawn sketch cards for the second Family Guy trading card series. There may, in fact, be a few diehard bloggers who remember a post similar to this one from back then. The job was for 12 or so artists to each create a minimum of 500 sketch cards, which would each be randomly inserted into every 25th pack of Family Guy trading cards. Needless to say, we had our work cut out for us. Before rushing from my house at the last minute to deliver the package to FedEx (imagine a full-grown Little Billy sprinting down the city streets as that last truck out preps for departure), I had managed to scan most of the cards in my set. Upon returning home, my plan was to immediately blog my favorites...which I did, only to discover later that doing so was a breach of contract. A closer look at said contract revealed that we had been asked by Inkworks, Inc. (the producers of the card series) not to publish any cards online or elsewhere until the sets had a chance to circulate through the public. I quickly removed the blog post before anyone was able to see it and that was that...until now!

About a month ago, I Googled myself just for fun, and in doing so, stumbled upon this amazing website. It seems someone took the time to collect a huge portion of the cards from ALL the various artists involved in the project. They created a website for each artist showcasing as many of their cards as possible, and are still accepting submission scans from those who have found sketch cards. The above link will take you to the Chance Raspberry Sketch Cards Page, where you can view many of the cards from my batch, as well as those drawn by other artists! Thanks a million to Scoundrel Art Community for spending your time and energy on this website!! I'm sure I speak for all the Family Guy Sketch-Cardists when I say it's a real honor and privilege seeing our work appreciated and enjoyed!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Yacht Fund

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Here is something new for all you music lovers! As you may or may not know, the only thing in life that rivals my love for animation is my passion for music. Aside from writing and composing some of my own, I love listening and am always on the lookout for tunes that really "hit!" If you are like me, then look no further!! ANY fan of powerful lyrics and catchy melodies that really hook will love this -- The Yacht Fund is for you!!! The singer/songwriter behind this CD just happens to be my best pal, Ryan McKendall. Ryan and I have worked together for many years on various band projects and film scores. In fact, he is and will be the "music man" behind Little Billy and many other cartoon ventures of mine! The Yacht Fund marks his latest solo release in a long list of musical triumphs, including the bands Joseph & Alexander, Rescue Me Wednesday, and Jacuzzi Fiend. The first image above is linked to, where you can sample and purchase the single, "Brick By Brick." This song is also available on I-TUNES. If you like what you hear, please write a positive review and help Ryan promote his new release! Congratulations, buddy!! WE WANT MORE!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Welcome to my 15-year project!!! That's right, friends! He's BACK!! For the first time EVER in mind-boggling COLOR, the Bearman comic strip series is making its world-wide debut.

* View VAULTED work from my earliest teen years, never-before seen by the public eye.

* Check out zany brands of humor your humble narrator found downright side-splitting.

* Become ENRAGED by the harsh reality that we get funnier as we get older...sometimes!

* Discover the story behind how BEARMAN came to be!

* Avoid future disappointment and regret...CALL NOW!!

It's all here, it's right now, and it's HALF PRICE! NO!! IT'S FREE!!! THAT'S RIGHT, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! I'M SO CRAZY EVEN THE MILK TURNS CHOCOLATE ! ! ! ! ! (See kids, this is what happens when you don't get your sleep.)

B E A R M A N ! ! ! ! !

Saturday, May 02, 2009

New Project!

Never underestimate the power of a deadline! The above is a promo poster for WALLYHOOD, a pilot script I co-wrote with my very good friend and lifelong partner-in-crime, Ryan Valdesuso. Ryan and I created, developed, and wrote out this concept in one week for the 2009 Page International Screenwriting Awards. The show is about a young musician from Omaha, Nebraska who moves to Hollywood in pursuit of his dream to become a rock sensation...and all the snags he hits along the way! Inspired by our own musical past, Ryan and I based this premise on all the wacky adventures, zany obstacles, screwball hi-jinx, and genuine frustrations we faced trying to get our band, Jacuzzi Fiend off the ground. We hope the judges have as much fun reading this baby as we did writing it! From our minds to God's's with You now. Amen!