Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Yacht Fund

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Here is something new for all you music lovers! As you may or may not know, the only thing in life that rivals my love for animation is my passion for music. Aside from writing and composing some of my own, I love listening and am always on the lookout for tunes that really "hit!" If you are like me, then look no further!! ANY fan of powerful lyrics and catchy melodies that really hook will love this -- The Yacht Fund is for you!!! The singer/songwriter behind this CD just happens to be my best pal, Ryan McKendall. Ryan and I have worked together for many years on various band projects and film scores. In fact, he is and will be the "music man" behind Little Billy and many other cartoon ventures of mine! The Yacht Fund marks his latest solo release in a long list of musical triumphs, including the bands Joseph & Alexander, Rescue Me Wednesday, and Jacuzzi Fiend. The first image above is linked to Amazon.com, where you can sample and purchase the single, "Brick By Brick." This song is also available on I-TUNES. If you like what you hear, please write a positive review and help Ryan promote his new release! Congratulations, buddy!! WE WANT MORE!!!

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