Monday, September 22, 2008

Party Time!!!

Meeting Miss Alba

Sugar + Ink = FUN

A Merry Baby

Drawing Up A Storm

Time of your life, huh kid?!

It was a real honor and privilege of mine to attend a birthday party at the Alba household this past Saturday! Thanks to my good friend, Mr. James Brown (check this dude out) and the awesome hospitality of the Albas, we spent the entire day drawing cartoons for all the kids...both little and big. Super heroes, Simpsons, Family Guy -- you name it, we drew it! This party was an outstanding way to end the summer, and I'd like to especially thank the Alba Family for having me there. I had a great time! Thank you and God Bless.


Justin Rodrigues said...

Chance you tha man, man! Hope your doing well looks like it. Drop me a line sometime.

Stephen James. said...

Dude that rocks!

Glad you had a good time.

ryan said...

That is hands down the best drawing of Barney I have ever seen.