Monday, July 28, 2008

Be A Hero

Since this "Blog Monday" just happens to fall on my 27th, it got me thinking about things I used to wish for on my birthday. The most prevelant were for either good health and fortune for my family and friends, or for many more happy birthdays (in other words, not to die!) SO I WAS A NERVOUS CHILD, I'll ADMIT IT!! =D To be honest though, I don't remember ever asking for a job as an animator, or to work for Walt Disney, or even for my own cartoon show...looking back, I can't imagine why! ;) All of the above have been dreams of mine since I can remember. And as I write this, I think about the blessings that have put me where I am today, from my mom, dad, family and friends who never once said, "No, you can't," to all the wonderful teachers and artists who shared their wisdom and skill with me along the way. These people are my heroes! I think about the amazing experience I've already received, from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, to Family Guy, to The Simpsons. All of these blessings from God fill my heart with joy beyond words...which is why I can't help but also think about all the kids (and adults) out there who have never had this joy in their life.

So today, this birthday wish from me goes out to all the dreamers...however old you are. My wish for you is to never, EVER give up! KEEP DREAMING!! Chase those stars even after they seem to have burned out...they haven't. Encourage your kids / parents / friends / loved ones to keep drawing, writing, performing, learning, growing, doing whatever makes them HAPPY! Listen to one another...hear what you're being told. Process it. Pray. And no matter what, DON'T STOP BELIEVING (thank you Steve Perry!!!) Believe in yourself! Believe in your kids!! Believe in your parents, your family, friends, and loved ones!!! Treat them like you'd want them to treat you -- BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER!!!! Hope dies when you let it...NEVER before. The power is in your hands...USE it. No matter how bad things seem, they could always be worse...look on the BRIGHT SIDE (there IS one to be seen!) And if nothing else, know in your heart that God loves you...even when life uses you as a doormat, He loves you and He's there to help. Alls we gotta do is ask.

Are ya sick of me yet?? Huh huh, are ya?!??! This grand notion is my wish to the world on my 27th Birthday, and to all those who share in this occassion with me, Happy Birthday and Many Joyous Returns! =) Thanks for listening and may God bless you all!!


- -= cR =- -

Monday, July 07, 2008

Smile For Me...

...I'll go first. =)