Monday, October 30, 2006

Making A Comeback

Here's a face you may find familiar! It had been...well, too long since I'd done anything new with this character, when I received a letter from a close friend of mine asking me to draw her something. This drawing would later be transferred onto a piece of fabric, and would then be included as one small part of a patchwork quilt. Therefore, I decided to create a collective scene involving some of my original characters, but as I was laying out this first design, another close friend and colleague of mine, Mr. Charles Zembillas, asked if he could post the rough sketch on The Academy's blog. This struck me as a great idea: allowing people to see how the character design process unfolds from a quick blue pencil sketch to the final rough design (in graphite!)

The character displayed above is my ol' pal, Bearman, who will be surrounded in the final piece by a few other originals. The color of this sketch was altered in Photoshop, and as soon as the project is complete, both the final drawing on paper AND a scan of the fabric transfer will be posted! Sorry for the delay, Rikki!! Love ya. =)