Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Re-working The Blog

Alright friends, here's the deal: I've decided to renovate my entire blog and re-define how the page functions! Therefore, please don't be alarmed by the lack of content posted at this point. I have already finished editing and revising ALL of the work that was here before, and will be bringing it back along with some brand NEW stuff real soon. As I continue to archive these additions, a new piece will be posted every day until all the old work is restored and the new stuff takes over!!

For starters, these are some highlights from my first collective work, which is finally nearing completion and a concrete release, for real this time!! =) The book, entitled The Art Of A Chance Raspberry, will be a compilation of what I feel is my best work to date, and will include more recent drawings as well as some dating back to junior high! Everything you see above was drawn by hand with either blue Col-erase pencil, graphite, or ballpoint pen, then rendered in Prismacolor marker or Photoshop. You may click any image for a closer look (they've all been enlarged and quality-enhanced.) And remember: a NEW piece every day!

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arash tirgari said...

Hey Chance

Nice stuff bro...Charles mentioned about your new opportunity. Congrats and welcome fellow Animation Academy blogger! Drop me a line or two when you can.